Fredericton Ultimate

16 Years of Ultimate Frisbee in Fredericton!

14th Annual Parlee Beach

July 17-18 will be here before you know it!

Bids are being accepted until June 25th. Emphasis for this year is on service-style bids. Tell us why YOUR team is the best one for the job!

We are accepting 20 teams and have about thirteen or so “jobs” to be taken care of this year. That means there is room for other creative bids (donations, party ideas, bribing the bid-review team…etc). We will place value on your historical parlee contributions, your location (we love traveling teams) and of course your creativity!


  • Cold Salads - Saturday and Sunday at both beaches (meatless – 8-10 large bowls per beach per day),
  • Beer Helpers - Picaroons needs assistance on Saturday night. You’ll be responsible for handling the cash and helping serve.
  • Friday Night Blender Tent – this took off last year! We provide the power, you blend up some goodies!
  • Cups - setup fields, track scores, provide lights, collect entry fees
  • Aboiteau Assistants - help the beach staff at Aboiteau to run the Saturday games.
  • Dinner Helpers – collect tickets, keep everyone lined up and moving.
  • Player Packs - likely a local team, but we need them put together, distributed and fees collected.
  • Tim’s Run - Sunday morning we need coffee and donuts brought to the camp site for 7am.
  • Snack Tent - we all get the munchies. We’re going to need a table of snacks to keep us all going through the party!
  • Shots! Shots! Shots! – everyone loves a shooter bar. We have room for a few of these. Why will yours be the best?

Other Bid Ideas:

  • KidSportNB Donation
  • “Gifts” for the bid party (no dead fish please)

You’ll have to make a serious effort to top the teams that have traditionally held on to these jobs. Veteran teams, you’ll have to make serious effort to keep the newbies from taking your spot!  Have fun with this.

Further details:

  • 20 teams of 12 players (max)
  • 3/2 gender ratio at all times
  • Friday and Saturday night camping is available for a small fee.
  • Yes we’ll once again have Picaroons serving delicious beverages at the center court of Parlee :)

Email jd_lejeune AT yahoo DOT com for further details.

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